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“The word on the street is GAINZ AF has the hardest bootcamps in LA! You will get an epic workout here, guaranteed!”

What They’re Saying

“Gainz AF is a great place to get a solid workout in a short period of time. I like to be efficient with my workouts and time, working with the trainers here has really helped. The classes can entail full body workouts so at the end of the session you felt like you got your money’s worth! Also they have a great chiropractor inside the facility so if I have any issues I know I am in good hands. If you want to change the typical gym workouts your doing then do yourself a favor and start your training at Gainz AF!”

Michael G.

“This is DEFINITELY a GREAT facility! High impact workout! Super friendly staff. Coaches are encouraging, motivating and inspiring. Location is super accessible and convenient for living in the neighborhood. Cool vibe and super hip! Perfect balance for the perfect workout! I came for a trial class and joined immediately!”

Fernando L.

“All of the trainers are extremely supportive, motivating and knowledgeable. I have not worked out In years and they get me excited to come in everyday and get better with each class. The classes are very challenging no matter what the subject: circuit training, boxing conditioning, trx you name it. It is definitely worth coming to check out. It is time well spent!”

Aaron E.


What We Offer

We are a recovery based, private training center designed to build athletes to their full potential.

Elite Coaches

Our highly experienced staff of personal trainers are equipped to customize the perfect game plan to help you achieve your fitness goals. At Gainz AF, we will help defy your doubts and strive towards greatness with programs, training, and community shaped to push you forward – no matter your age or athletic ability.

6 Week Bootcamps

At most other gyms classes are large leaving you lost in the mix, with an increased risk of injury due to lack of attention. Our bootcamps are limited to 3-4 participants max; you will always have personal attention to build the best structural foundation for your body to prevent injury and push you past your plateaus to build muscle, maximize fat loss and increase your metabolism. You won’t get lost in the sauce in a small group. Most importantly with customized programming, you can never half ass your workout. Camps are very intense so be prepared to sweat!

Nutritional Support

As an added benefit to one on one private training, our coaches are knowledgeable in meal prep and nutrition to help you come up with a personalized plan. Combine exercise with the proper nutrients that your body needs for optimal health and superb results.

Recovery Center

Recovery time is just as important as the hard work and sweat that you’re putting into your workouts, whether it’s a private session or a small group class. We have state of the art recovery equipment to help you recover quickly and prevent injuries, keeping you in tip-top shape so you can continue to crush your goals!


Train Hard
Recover Better

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