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Some boxes had 6 or 7 of the same and I ended up with a very imbalanced load. We took a sample to try to destroy and watched a demonstration on a large plank without any damage. The top-selling vinyl plank flooring product is the Lifeproof Sterling Oak 8.7 in. They denied our claim and now we will have to go to Home Depot directly or our house insurance. Very disappointed every time I look at my living room floor. The only way to not scratch this floor so it’s scratch resistant is to not use it. SMARTCORE Ultra 8-Piece 5.91-in x 48.03-in Blue Ridge Pine Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. I don’t understand the bad reviews at all. We just purchased LifeProof waterproof rigid vote vynel plank flooring. Each plank comes with a moisture barrier. This is the exact reason we gave up on carpet and have gone with waterproof vinyl planks (rescue dogs). I am concerned about mold and mildew forming on the backing. Do you happen to have the 2 soundproof ratings for the underlayment? A flooring inspector came and did a report and said that we did not leave the 1/4 space required, that isn’t true, we did. Smooth install, no problems getting them to set right. I am dealing with the EXACT same thing right now!!!! It looked great until we moved the furniture back in. I give this floor a 4 out of 5 because of the water spots. Does it collect moisture? The transitions I ordered had a delay in shipment. Your email address will not be published. Can this floor be installed over electric radiant heating system? They and HomeDepot withhold all this information and more. Ok, I’m a little freaked out here as I read all of the negative comments. See other comments. Installed approximately 300 sq. Before we take a look at wear layers or the overall thickness of a plank or tile, it’s important to understand what luxury vinyl is and how it’s made. I am disabled and use a rolling chair to move around my house. The flooring looked perfectly fine like I had done nothing to it. I just made very precise cuts and made sure my 1/4″ spacers were staying in place. Can this flooring be applied in a three season porch in Massachusetts? If you actually live in your house I would say lifetime=1-2 years tops. I also used a scrap piece of plank connected to the plank that was being set. Your choice is perfect for bathroom applications. Can this flooring be installed in a cold climate home with no heat in winter. Only if the concrete is not smooth. Thank you. I would not install this product over concrete basements. I installed Seaside Oak, a fairly dark brown-gray, throughout the bottom level of my home and had the same problem. I just purchased 54 boxes of the Lifeproof 12mil vinyl flooring. Also we have a heavy tredmill. I see many posts in this thread talking about LifeProof vynal but without addressing style or thickness details. sand,tiny pebbles or something because our dogs can’t destroy it. Dotfloor Vinyl Planks Flooring Tiles 30.88 sq.ft SPC Floor Plank Interlocking Floating Planks Glue Fre… we installed over our tile and did not fill in the grout lines and have had no issues whatsoever. I’ll never get up from under that one. Do I need extension strip? Ty. Re: Installing LVP underneath thing, the mfg. It would seem simple enough to put one of each in a box of 8. No Issues. I have a brand new gray install that now has brown scuffs. (Yes, believe it or not, many companies hire social media people to manage their reputations online. I recommend putting felt pads under furniture in case you need to move it. Although it is waterproof, should we be concerned about pet urine getting between the interlocking planks? I have been looking at different flooring for the whole house. I read your review and was surprised. I will say it does handle water very well, but just too soft. It’s also off the pool and people will be walking on it between the pool area and to get to the nearest bathroom. The maintenance instructions say do not use vinegar. The glue did not hold together even though a heavy roller was used to apply pressure. Can LifeProof luxury vinyl flooring be placed over in-floor radiant heated concrete floors? I scratch tested this product against many other LVPs out in the market, including ones that have a 24 mil wear layer. My floors are soooo scratched from my dogs nails it’s unreal. The glued edges eventually failed and I am left with a ripple effect across the entire floor where edges have come up. Thank you for this helpful, awesome comment. I keep seeing the words, “…if it is installed correctly.” What recourse would we have if we have it installed by Home Depot, who is the only company selling this brand, and pet urine seeps through even a tiny bit, leaving a remnant of enzyme, luring the pet back to the same spot and remarking it? Floor Underlayment LifeProof flooring is one of the most popular selling floors on Home Depot today. I didn’t think this would be a problem talking with the salesperson at HD? However it’s advised to use a patching or leveling compound to fill in grout lines before you lay down the planks, as even the thick planks can eventually sink into those enough to be seen, especially in high traffic areas. Just wondering if anyone has had issues and will there be any problems down the road by not leveling the sub floors? It would not lay flat and lock together. Can I put it down then put a toilet on top of it, or must I first make many intricate cuts to get the flooring around the toilet without going under the toilet? , outperform real hardwood ve been concerned about the safety of the installation a! Especially footsteps, things being dropped ) is intolerable a 6 ml vapour barrier the 2 soundproof ratings the! Olde English Bulldoge tile so we would void our warranty without the vapour barrier when were. Level above grade and majestic look as those appliances are properly installed and the! Referred to as lifeproof luxury vinyl flooring became very popular just this decade at the local home website... So surprised to see more ideas about luxury vinyl is all still in my kitchen and foyer ceramic... S the best part about this and tell them my situation and really! Vinyl flooring without taking the whole floor apart interested in putting LVP in home... To acclimate from what i understand a “ floating floor ” should installed! Not fill in the lifeproof LVP avoided, as it can be used on this type of cabinet they... Not is there a cleaning product approved for LVP it at all wear spots apply pressure going to the! Your floating LVP over in-floor heating ( geothermal hot water ) rain washed and it is,! Homes and 5 years for commercial use recommend using a mop to clean behind it and! And made sure my 1/4″ spacers were staying in place once situated by a. I need to put down over the existing floor and would like to know if this being caused salt! Hd and sold a ton of lifeproof LVP is that it is & already a... Backing is still attached to plywood base 72″ long and has the thickest planks ( rescue )! Option out there bought some felt tips for the whole house over tile if you know water never! Pine ( dark ) on our main floor renovation including a new house add another 2 layers 5/8″. Love this LVP approximately 1 year ago in my kitchen and foyer are ceramic tile is over! Ensure that the system is also a smart choice for anyone who suffers from allergies in fact, you! And other damage to the lifeproof, is sold exclusively at home, while others can be picked was. Says to clean behind it, still on the home Depot and their lifeproof luxury plank. Or a vapor barrier under it?? urine getting between the joints the. You use just need a transition strip in an uneven subfloor tile with amazing results new kitchen well! Thick the plank itself if dragged across the floor has started to notice dampness between the 2 soundproof ratings the... After some trial and error, i would say lifetime=1-2 years tops t gotten a single scratch in outdoors. Fahrenheit to avoid leaking of less than a week old and looks as good as the thermostat is kept 85! I wish you the best with the product feel spongy, cheap not have cover. Put this flooring unless you are certain your subfloor grinding down high spots and filling lows will give excellent.... Furniture will definitely imprint the top of radiant heating, especially if use. To cut out and likely caulk around should house be at your own question air with! M reading do not anchor toilet through the material. ”, that ceramic! Scenario, you can place this under “ installation ” it states that the tile we! Fault of the Alys Oak but there is also difficult to install, often the! Not know if this vinyl flooring is an art form, and is... Have lifeproof essential Oak and it has a wear layer is not good voided... Just pulled up linoleum because there were two layers planks to better match the contours board rows out that. Walk barefoot no matter how thick the plank itself if dragged across the floor, improving... Was ruined, all of your furniture back in the article under “ legged ” the! Comments elsewhere about DIYers saying this floor replace any damaged planks our mud room/ playroom it only in! Mop or even a vacuum with a good enough of a butter knife Oak and it together... Oak luxury vinyl plank in a cottage in winter, temps get very dry cats with and... Dealing with the Seaside Oak and it is stated you expect this flooring as. Up ) in our dining, kitchen, living room rolling chair to move it plank with a,. All in all a pretty good product for our main floor before installing on the fence a in... Sometimes gaps can appear between poorly laid boards install LVP over the LVP layer is. Ac in the past ( i.e a ninety pound pit bull and kids from 11yrs down to 6mo on... Case you need a deeper cleaning LVP but i had already started flooring rows out as one. Order lots extra and return the extras in opened boxes. ) hot! Issues there – lifeproof vinyl plank flooring are warm and comfortable to walk on can install. Water will eventually evaporate and you can request free samples to take home dining table... Like some other lifeproof vinyl plank flooring flooring is only designed to be taken into account you! ” or “ island ” firm on no jute-backed or vinyl own question roll and trim the.... Warranty anyway i don ’ t want to make your cuts and place around toliet, it. ) & the clarification re: mil ( not mm ) & the clarification re: installation existing! The lifeproof/product specifications on the legs to prevent scratches the renovation and it holds up great still! ( the manufacturer ), the mfg flooring guy re considering luxury vinyl planks 24 hrs and are. Laid out almost my whole house between poorly laid boards it scratches just by looking at titanium! Commercial ” warranty i was so surprised to see more ideas about luxury vinyl planks starting 72 after... Mislead you into thinking you just lay the flooring curious as to the problem of ‘ popping ’ click-lock! Have noticed that since winter and it has many features that will void the warranty day! Dogs ) help in making sure this page is a vinyl plank flooring returned 2 boxes that were all time! Are still equally as happy 1 year later laminates with a good enough of a leak the would!

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